Mama Lexi Loungers

Made for Mermaids has recently released a whole new collection called Lounge and Lace. The collection consists of the Bridgette Bralette & Nightie, Victoria Cheekies and Thong , the Stella Sweater with tons of options and of course these amazing Lexi Loungers! I was only able to test the Lexi’s but I bought all the other ones because they just all look so cute together. I just need to find time to get them sewn up!

So meet the Mama Lexi Loungers


Now this pattern is not written for maternity but Megan T was kind enough to let me test and with some help we were able to figure out how to adjust them to fit my baby bump!

My first pair (which I didn’t get pictures of) fit and were comfortable without any adjustments, but had some really weird wrinkling going on in the crotch area that isn’t really flattering. So they will be worn to bed only – but honestly that’s the whole reason I signed up to test – I really needed some bump friendly sleeping/lounging around pants. I also I found out I have a slight hoard of floral french terry…like ALL my french terry is floral… anyone else have this problem?

After posting fit pictures – the lovely ladies in the testing group helped me figure out some changes I needed to make. I was so nervous about adjusting because I’ve only really ever graded patterns, I haven’t done any major changes before.


And I still haven’t because all I needed to do to make these not have weird wrinkles was to adjust the rise so it sat UNDER the bump and not on the bump. Adjusting the rise seems complicated but it was actually really simple! I just took the front pattern piece and a quilting ruler and made one simple line. I ended up taking an inch from the center front and then angling my line so it met back up to the original rise length on the sides. So it’s one inch lower right in the middle front, which lets it hang out under the bump.  I didn’t alter the back of the pattern at all, and just used the yoga waist band.


Now I did go by my current measurements for these pants. I typically make a pink in Made for Mermaids patterns, grading to a blue waist when necessary. These pants are one size up, purple, with a blue waist band. My first un-photographed pair I made an indigo waist band- but after sleeping in them it felt a little loose so I went to blue for my other two pairs. I have a feeling in a few more weeks indigo might fit just fine with how little man is growing!! I did use cotton lyrca for all my waist bands and since it has great stretch and recovery I’m hopeful I can wear these pants up to delivery and after.


What’s so great about this pattern is the options! My first set of pictures is the loungers with banded patch pockets, and yoga waist. But there is options for slat pockets, and a regular waist with drawstring as well! But this bump needed all the stretch the yoga band gives! It also comes in two short lengths, 4 inch and 5 inch (5 inch is shown above)- and the shorts have all the pocket and waist options the loungers do. PLUS if your not feeling the loungers it has a jogger option as well. (I haven’t made the joggers yet so no pictures are shown of that option!) It’s basically 3 patterns in one and you can make endless combos! There is also a uni-sex kids version as well called the Lexi & Lou and a Dolly version!


The shorts and pants have both been worn daily since I made them – the pants as soon as I get home from work and the shorts to bed – except a few times they’ve been in the wash. And with my hormones I really almost cried once when they were in the washer because they are just that comfy and I wanted them now!

So even if you aren’t sporting a baby bump I have a feeling these pants will be your new best friend!

The patterns are on sale through Tuesday 2/20, and limited time bundles of all the versions will be available until Tuesday as well! You can find the bundle here.


All my floral french terry is from So Sew English, and my cotton lyrca for the waist bands is from Surge Fabric Shop (I got the 10oz but the 12oz would be great too!)

The pants are pictured with Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan and Cross My Heart Cami, and the shorts are pictured with a retail maternity tank from target!

**This post contains some affiliate links- meaning I will get back a small percentage if you purchase from them. All profits go right back into sewing and my blog! **

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